Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Across the oceans you go
Across the miles you travel
The flowers may have fragrance
The oysters may pearls….

The roses may have thorns
The wind blowing may be a tempest not a breeze
There may be Brutes
There may be King Bruce….

Go back to your home
There you will find a treasure
Nothing but the nostalgic memories
The big spectacles of your miss &hidden smile at the lips

The loving face of your maid
The naughty face of your companion who taught you to say sorry!
The healing words of your parents which bless

Go back to soil
To the lap of your mother nature
The broken tombs won’t complaint
The fallen leaves won’t call you mad

Keep the rays of hope even the sun sets
For hope is a waking dream

p.b no 106


resmi said...

good one dear jomzzzzzzzzzzzz.............

resmi said...

good one dear jomzz...u r really talented